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Thursday, December 31, 2009


credit t0 sandra (socake)

im 21!!! syukur alhmdulillah until n0w, im still breathing...im glad that i live a happy life with my family, en dear n frens...thanks t0 all f0r cheering me up n making my life beautiful...i h0pe this happiness will never fade away~

my wish f0r myself:
*live l0ng n l0ts of rejeki
* happy always
*m0re matured...ehe V(^,^)
*c0ntinue my master study
*being a gud daughter, sisater, fren and ofc0urse c0mpanion
*be g0od to others
*smileee alwayss
*swift, guess, nine west, LV, b0nia, vincci, carl0 rin0, pierre cardin, levis~ upsie! ;P

l0ts of laf~

**want t0 kn0w what i g0t t0nite?? h0h0 next entry ok?i pr0miss~ *kiss2*

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

buaya farm tuaran+chipmunk+l0ng-time-n0-see fren

saturday 26 dec 09

theres a cr0c0dile farm at tuaran n we manage t0 go there finally...it had been a l0ng time umi want to take us to the farm but theres always a reason f0r not going...but today by hook 0r by crook umi said that we must go to at least saying hi t0 the crocodile...hehee she t0ld us while we live here, why not we just g0 everywhere we cant c0z if baba has to transfer back to smenanjung, atleast we r n0t really frustrated for not g0ing to many interesting places here at sabah.

u n0e what...sabah really have s0 many intersting places to go...its just weather u have the time,m0ney and enuf energy to go to all of the places. why sabah is s0oo BIG? if sabah is like singapore, i will certainly finish round to all the interesting places in one day..huhuu ooh im still h0ping to go to sipadan island...my fmily owedi been there n im left out c0z at that time i was in kl d0ing my practical... ggrrrrrr~ aummm! *anib0dy want t0 j0in me to g0 to sipadan??raised up ur hands deariee!* ;D

s0 these r some of our piccas...nj0y!

this lady r s0 brave....

wh0aaa....big clapppp!

umi enj0y riding jetski with mr cr0cs

hi...im als0 21! ;D

theres als0 ostrich here

this cr0codile had eaten 2pe0ple n being sh0t...really big...

this cr0codile is alive okay...but its m0uth are tied up...ehe *the skin is n0t really hard actually*

tail-less cr0codile...huhu weird yet cute...huhu

i l00ve b0ya! ;P

sunday 27 dec 09

this aftern0on umi+baba have to attend s0me function f0r christmas celebrati0n at padang merdeka...s0 me and my anak ayam decided t0 f0llow them to kk n they wil dr0p us at cp to watch m0vie..erin want t0 see alvin and the chipmunk 2 s0 all of us just follow her...

b4 the m0vie starts, we b0oked kara0ke ro0m for 1/2 an h0ur...but we only sing 4 s0ngs bc0s we cant find the s0ngs...the t0uch screen is crazzzeeeee! uh...better went t0 the t0ilet kara0ke...heeh...

after the m0vie finished, umi n baba olreadi waited f0r us at pacific...and the minister have sumting t0 do s0 fucti0n actually being canceled at last minute..they didnt inf0rm bc0s tot baba didnt want to go n its baba's fault c0z he didnt sent the reply letter...s0 they went sh0pping with the batik attires...huhu

m0nday 28 dec 09

my l0ng-time-n0-see fren,afifi c0me t0 my h0use...i f0und him on faceb0ok n just know that he is a navy at kem pangkalan tldm n umi teach at the sch0ol in the kem...haha wut a small w0rld...he had been here f0r almost 2years n we never met...thanx t0 FACEBo0K.. every0ne c0nnects...heeeh

we r in the same class at smkj when were in f0rm 3kreatif...this class r really happening..the student is crazy...hehe bec0s this is f0rth class s0 the student r n0t the nerd n b0okw0rm type...the teachers als0 r s0 sporting...ohh h0w i miss them~ me and anem seat infr0nt of afifi n naqi s0 we r a bit close with each other at that time...when teacher want us t0 make a gr0up..s0 me+anem just turn ar0und facing them...

my mum actually chatting with them boc0s they work at the same place..s0 there r many st0ries t0 share..she als0 t0ld ab0ut st0ry at mekah...i just smile n j0in them s0metime..huhu he came with 2 other navy fren den they g0 back at 10p.m...

l0ts 0f laf~

**see i t0ld u...i am s0 lazy t0 update this bl0g...c0z have t0 think ab0ut the language...grammar..bla..bla..blaaa...hahaa but finally i just write what i want..haha s0 just ign0re my mistake kay..h0pe u will understand what i write...ehehee V(*,^')

Friday, December 25, 2009

bek to skul~

(*o*) wh00aa....im s0 sleepy rite now but still want t0 update my l0vely bl0g...ehee

just n0w i have fall asleep while reading n0vel and at that time i was wearing mask n have to wait a while bef0re removing it...i just b0ught it and dats why im very excited to apply the mask..hehe i bought it at b0dysh0p also with tea tree oil *ive heard someone told me its gud f0r removing pimple's scar*. b0dyshop?ahaa...ofcoz they r having sales dats why i can afford them *im a bibik aite...remember...dun have much money..ehe* b0th of the item are 50% disc0unt...h0h0 im luvin it...sure u to0! ;D

this aftern00n. after we had our lunch, umi brought us to 1b0rneo..my anak2 ayam want to buy their school stuff n i just f0llowing them c0z i luv wind0w shopping and if not, ill be bored at h0me al0ne..huhu so it is better to g0 out, who knows i could find sumting there.

after c0uple of hours, they finally decide to buy their bags....urm school bags is quite expensive rite? not like in our old time during late 90s..swans school bags can be b0ught by rm50 below but just now...my mum said that the price of the bag f0r primary school is like rm100++...oh my...crazy aite...n nabila buy a pencilcase c0st rm25 which i tink can buy a scho0l bags during the sale~huhu *h0w much it will c0st in the nex generation*. aiyoo...have to work hard to ensure i can support scho0l bags for my children later..huhu fortunately hafiz have the tropicana life member card so they can have 20% discount when buying the bags...

den we went t0 surau to solat asar n decided to wait for maghrib coz d0nt want to rush back to surau...s0 after solat, we walk pass the shops for a while den umi want to buys groceries at giant...while waited for umi, we went to mcd n FINALLY i can have the prosperity...heeee i l0ikee!

baba called n told us that his fren want to come to our h0use tonite...s0 we have to rush back...ooh baba is w0rking today so he cant f0llow us sh0pping..poor him..ehee~

ooh i almost forgot...they also decorate the centre space of 1b0rneo for this christmas...s0 beautifulll!

l0ts of laf~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

weight gain

this m0rning, me+umi n anak2 ayam seduced baba to take us t0 kk with him bec0z he was having a meeting at centrep0int.. s0oo, while waiting f0r him,we can g0 for a shopping spree..h0yeah2!! ;D

all of us woke up early t0 make sure baba will not left us out...h0h0...at first erin d0esnt want to open her eyes n keep on saying that she was s0 sleepy...but i manage to coax her n we have to
play awhile with her bef0re she got up n take a bath...

we pick up baba at 8.15a.m at his office...baba has t0ld us if we're late, he will ask the ikm's driver to sent him there...ofkos we will be rite on time aite..ehe...we finally arrived at kk at 8.45a.m n as the sh0p isnt open yet, we decide to have some breakfast at restaurant madinah *umi misses mekah so much dats why we go to this restaurant... ;P * . this is the first time i eat the marvelous roti canai at kk..huhu sad huh? act we rarely g0ing out this early to the town...roti canai at ip not really yummy as this one..ok i tink i cant stop storying ab0ut the roti canai...s0rry cant help myself bec0s it is an extraordinary thing if u taste a delicious meal here in sabah..huhu maybe their food d0esnt really suits me *missing my h0metown*.

after that, we begin our j0urney..hiks t0 the centrep0int...den my anak2 ayam decide to g0 to warisan square...n then went back to centre p0int..yana n nbila g0t themselves sandal each...they said that it is f0r prep class...den umi reply "ni mcm kas0t nk g joget je?". haha...it is...last time when i study at mrsm, i just wore 'slipar jepon' during the prep time...err almost of the time act..hehhe...maybe my mrsm is n0t really into the rule thingy..thank god becos student will tend t0 break the rule rite...so it is better to put all the things in easy way..so everyb0dy will live happily ever afta.. (~,^)

i am a gud girl t0day...i just g0 for wind0w sh0pping n f0llowing the anak2 ayam g0 here n there...gud girl aite??im not buying anything.....yet~hheehe maybe c0z n0thing really attract my attention...BUT i will c0ntinue my mission at 1b0rneo..h0pe there will be m0re sale...1B..wait f0r me kay? ;) den baba called n told us to wait f0r him at the restaurant sri melaka f0r lunch...s0 after s0lat zohor...we g0 to the restaurant n order the fud...baba called again n said that he will be a bit late bec0z he has to someting to d0 with the car insurance s0 he told us n0t to wait for him. dat time is ab0ut 2.30p.m s0 we all r very hungry...s0...ngapp22~

after a while, baba came n he has t0 top up the order since we have finished alm0st of the laok...hhehe...we just f0llow ur order sir! ;D the fud??oh...the fud r g0rgeous...h0h0h0 really delicious...we ordered asam pedas ikan, sambal sotong, black pepper ciken, butter prawn n sayur manis *recc0mendation from the waitress*. i rarely finish my rice but this time i was like jeling2 nasik erin...h0h0...really happy bec0s i eat l0ts of delici0us fud today..n my missi0n t0 gain weight will be successful..h0h0

on da way back yana ask me t0 accompany her t0 1b0rneo but sorry dear....k l0ng really tired n have to take a bath...nex time kay? i l00vee to... =)

l0ts of laf~

**sindrom nk amek blk ielts...azam nk tulis bl0g dlm english smpai xm tu...9jan2010..huhu arap2 bejaye la...sbb kal0 kot bm tulis beberape minit je...kal0 english beberape jam la...ehe~
**kpd cikgu2 english ke..student tesl ke...sape2 je yg nk betolkn ayat sy yg mrepek n berterabor itu...silekan...jasamu dikenang! ;D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

kuang jaq!

ms nk ep0t pc aritu...ade mamat kuang jaqq....eh bapaknye p0n kuang jaqq jgak...dush...dush...lempang laju 2-2 org..huhuuu~

nk cite time smpai aritu act...tp sy kne kunun2 bizikn diri...bru blk umah kn...byk la kijernye n xdpt nk bercrite panjang2..huhu

*m0de flash back ke pagi selase ari blk ke kk tu*

brg kami sgt amatlah byk...ade dkat 20brg kot trmas0k hand carry...beg+kotak2...yela..brg umi+baba dr mekah byk mane...baju2 kte0rg yg d0k kt klantan tu...brg2 bli kt klantan lgkn...igt x sy pnah ckp dlu...ha...kn dh mmg excess berat pon...huhuu

alkisahnye kamip0n brator la kt tmpt cek beg tu b4 check in...ade dlm 4 ke 5 troli kot...lpas cek beg tu sy n baba brator la kt tmpt cek in tu...den sy g tgk blk kt blkg kot2 ade lg brg tetnggal...tetbe nmpak s0rg mamat ni tgh menjerot *menjerit smbil mencarot2*~ "nate bab*!" hoh..apekah...pagi2 bute ni mencarot2 begini..die marah kt sorg india ni kot...nape tah..den sy wat bodo je la sbb die xkac0 id0p sy kn...s0 pas tgk beg sumer dh cek...sy pon g la blk kt tmpt baba brator...pastu nmpak mamat td tu d0k brator kt tmpt mas jgak tp kt konter yg business class tu smbil dok jeling2 kt kiteorg n wat muke mcm mntak penyepak free...pastu sy dengar ayohpa ckp dak tu kuang jaq...den sy tanye la knape...rupenye td mamat tu ngan bapaknye saon ayohpa sbb deorg igt ayohpa potong que ms cek beg...padahal kami mmg dok dpn die and sumer tu adelah beg kteorg...xkn nk cek in asing2 kan... b0#g*k tol...

atleast tanye la lekl0k kn..ckp leklok ke..xdek la org nk hangen..sa0n2 gtu...ckp kuang jaq ngan org tue..same je bapak ngan anak..tah pape...padan muke ayohpa saon blk...rupenye pas tu die g gadoh plak ngan india yg sy cite td...apekes tah mamat tu..die k0t xbrape nk center...den tgk brg kami byk kan pastu die g cek in kt tmpt business class...ceh..s0 wat? ade aku kesah ke ko naek business class...ko smpai awl ke?tak kan...pastu muke anaknye mmg mcm mntak napa kapit smbil s0rg2 dok galas beg gitar fender *kt dahi s0rg2 de tulis 'kami ini adelah org kaye okay'*...die jeling kt kami mcm mnde je....sy p0n misti la jeling blk...n sembang2 ngan yana kuat2 smbil saon die...haha bia...pduli ape...die tu cinonet je...abelis,ju,din...rmai je ade...s0 xtakot p0n kt die..heheee

pastu ms dah msk flite tu sit kteorg agak blkg kn...so tgh2 jln tu tgk2 gak mane deorg duduk...kt business class tu xdek ponn...ah lantak la deorg...pastu time dok s0ksek2 ngan umi, nmpak la fmily die naek...bapak+anak laki 3org..nmpak la dok letak brg kt tmpt business class...tp skali tgk..ayahnye je dok kt situ..anak2 kt tmpt ec0nomy gak pon...haha eh bkn u ols org kaye ke? kih3..manusie2...mcm2~

s0 pengajaranye...silelah hormati org laen...bersopan santun dgn org tue supaya kelak anda x dic0p kurang ajaran...mntak2 jaoh la jmpe org2 mcm tu lg..huhu

l0ts of laf~

**s0rry entry ini byk carutan sket...huuu~

Thursday, December 17, 2009


td sy saket kpale...den soh baba urut...pastu sy g td0...mangun2 dh kol 12.30mlm...n sy sgtt lapa! igt leh tahan ni...d0k ym2 ngan encik dear...i tot leh kenyang..haha giler kn...

td nmpak ini dlm peti...s0 sy nk g bwk g0reng dlu...kal0 x sy misti akan pengsan kelaparan..ok sdikit hiperb0la disitu...k0rg nk x?nanti sy g0reng byk2 kay?

l0ts of laf~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


org2 kk misti sumer dh rindu kt sy kn? bangla paking 1b0rneo...akak cashier giant...abg mekdi kt shell tu kn...pastu xdilupe makcik2 kt pasar philipine juge....tggu kpulangan sy oke? ;)

arini dh nk pulang ke rumah...excited jgak...xsaba nk jln2 kt sane...denga kate metrojaya dh bukak eyh?waah bertambah-tambah tmpat feveret sy pas ni...eheeee

tp sdeh jgak ni nak tinggalkn kamp0ng halaman kesayangan...dkat 2bulan oo lepak sini...s0b2...nanti lmbt lg la leh jmpe makcik2 kt wakaf che yeh...abg2 cashier kt tesc0 n pacific...n adek2 pizza yg styl0 tu kt kbmall...ooh bile la lg nk blk klantan... (T.T)

flite kte0rg jap lg kol 11.30 dr kb-kl...den dr kl-kk pk0l 2.30ptg...i.allah smpai kk dlm pkol 4.50ptg...kal0 xdek delaylah kan...mane taw dpt d0k h0tel heaven lg mcm ritu..ahaksss

okla..nk kne g kmas2 sket lg ni...nanti kte jmpe kt kk aite?

l0ts of laf~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

alhmdulillah slamat~

smalam umi+baba dh slamat smpai ke mesia...alhamdulillah...deorg smpai kt klia k0l 11lebeh malam tu n den tepkase tggu flite esknye ke kb sbb last flite dat nite was at 10.30pm kot...k.da ajak p umah die dlu..tp deorg mcm malas nk kalot2 sumer..lgpon esk nk amek flite yg paleng awal...s0 deorg stay je la kt klia smpai pg smalam...k.da g jmpe deorg kt klia je la...

s0 pg smalam awal gler mangun+mandi...nk kej0t anak2 ayam lgkn...biase mangun kol 12...k0mpem la susah...dush2 rs mcm nk tampar laju2 bg deorg mangun..huhu smalam pg wakaf che yeh lg..den blk lmbt..tu deorg leteh kot...erin memule siap xnk mangun g jemp0t umi+baba kt epot..b0leh plak..hhuu

memule flite kol 7.50pg..s0 kiteorg bajet smpai dlm kol 8.40gtu la...den dh gtau kaum krabat sumer la...skali baba tepon ckp flite rosak..s0 jd la kedelayan...ok gak k0t sbb dak2 ni pon xnk bangun lg..huhuuu den tggu2 bru baba gtau flite gerak kol 9.20pg...erin pon dh mangun time ni tp sebok nk g maen bakar2 sate *die g cabut daun pokok rambutan ay0h pa pastu cucuk kt ranting2 n sroh nyalakan lilin sie nk bakar daun2 tu* sbb nk pujuk die ikot g epot so kami layankan je...

dlm kol 9.45pg kteorg gerak g ep0t...igt mcm hari biase je..skali pg kete paking smpai keluar melimpah ruah..loh...awat rmai sgt ney?pastu dr jaoh nmpak putih2 org pkai kopiah...rmai pkai bj kurong la..jubah...adeh...sy pon tgk diri sniri...rilek gler dtg ngan jeans n tshirt je..heeeh

lame gak r tggu umi+baba kuar....ngan manusie yg rmai tu...alkepeningan la jd nye...tggu punye tggu barula umi+baba kuar....gumbire2 bile nmpak deorg...pel0k2 nanges2 sket...ehe sket je...pastu pulang ke umah ayoh pa...rmai gak ikot g amek umi+baba smalam...k.ayu n fmily...umi ma....ayah zan n cik ma gak...heeh patot la rmai org kt epot kn...yg blk haji s0rg due je...yg mnunggu 2bas~ ;)

l0t of laf~

alamakk...kne g besiap ni..nk g mkn kt umah umi ma..nak ek0t ke???j0mmm! =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

update sminggu~

malas gler nk update kn...nmpak x sy sa0rg suri umah yg bejaye? hiksss

meh la nk cite sminggu punye teros ye?kal0 sy keep on kemalasan cenggini mungkin suatu masa nanti akan ade 4p0st je sebulan..huhu

bwk anak2 ayam g mkn pizza kt kbmall *ms ni belum kejadian lg..huhu*. jln2 jap..tgk itu ini den blk...spt biase mekdin adelah drebar tetap kami..heeeh ajak g mkn skali jual mahal plak..hehee die drop je kami den g jmpe kwn die..nk repair henset k0t...lcdnye rusakkk *s0ny mmg slalu problem lcd eh...sy p0n penah mengalami ini*

ptg ahad yg hening ni kec0h jap tetbe my kezen dr kl tepon tanye psal kbmall runtuh...ms ni kite0rg mmg xtaw pape lg p0n...igt die maen2...pastu cikm0h ngan ayoh pa pon ckp mnde same...den sy p0n cek2 la fb *media massa paleng hangat abad ini* tgk dh ade org p0st crite ni siap ngan gmb0 lg...fuh bedeb0r jap..ye la tmpt feberet gak tu...dh berniat nk pg dh act sbb sy tgh ngidam prosperity...Alhamdulillah umor sy maseh panjang~ 20rg student masterskill mniggal sbb kne serpihan bgnan..rupenye bkn runtuh...ade org silap msk gear reverse den langgar dinding..smpai pacah den kete tu terjunam la ke dlm kbmall...jat0h kt atas eskalator...alfatihah kpd mangsa..

m0nday blue?ooh misti la tidaaakkk~sy gembita di umah oke? kpd rakan2 yg sdang bekerja sila jgn jeles..kih2 arini sy rasa d0a sumer org yg telah dimakbulkn..alhmdulillah~ =)
smpai surat dr uni of glamorgan bg unc0nditional offer. pastu check2 email ade lg 1 0ffer dr sheffield hallam...2-2 tu kt uk...time kaseh ye kpd sape2 yg tlg doakan utk sy...s0 sy kne g pujuk2 mara tgk deorg leh bg x nk tuka uni ni...harap2 dpt la kan...aminnnn! *marie kta amin ramai2 nak??*

sbb seriau nk g kbmall s0 arini sy bwk anak2 ayam g tecs0 je la..hhuuhu jln2 jap..den mkn kt fudc0urt pastu blk...memule nk mkn mekdi tp xd0p la plop mekdi kt sini..sbb malas nk kua blk s0 sy mkn je la sizzling...seb baek sdap...huhu

smalam xdek pape mnarek k0t yg berlaku...rutin harian yg biase je...den malamnye bwk yana g klinik sbb die d0k muntah pg tu...silap mkn k0t..mcm biase ajak mekdin la kuar...memula kami p hydar n kamal tp rmai gler la plak manusie...pastu sbb malas nk tggu g la klinik perdana kt kb..haa xdek org pon..erin dh nyanyi2 wat mcm umah sniri dh...heehe

hari ni i.allah umi+baba pulang dr mengerjakan rukun islam ke5...flite agak2 smpai mlm ni ke klia...mntak2 xdek delay la kan...den sy bli tix ke klantan pg esk...tp sy dh bli open tix...s0 deorg leh standby la kt klia...if ade k0song leh tros blk kan...cant waittt!!! rindu mreka sgt2....xsaba nk tgk buah kaki tgn jue...heeeee

l0ts of laf~

Friday, December 4, 2009

5hari di kem BTN balek pulau~

taj0k nk skema kan...hehee pastu dh berkurun bru nk cite..hehe arini xnk membebel..stret to the p0int oke?

19hb nov 09 (kames)
pagi2 buta mangun den bersiap..btw sy smpai smalam n lepak umah cik na..apartment ney~ ;P
den kteorg gerak lebeh kurg kol 7.30pg ditemani h0usemate cik na iaitu cik wawa. time2 gni org nk g keje kan..s0 kami ber3 terperangkap kt dlm jam di dlm mini c0oper cik na..kekeke. den kami ter0skn perjlanan menuju balek pulau. on da way tu benti la bekpes kt mamak mkn r0ti canai. den gerak blk lebeh kurg kol 9. stelah melalui perjalanan yg berbukit bukau maka kami smpai la di kem BTN balek pulau pd pkol 10lebeh TANPA SESAT~ lol *time kaseh cikna sbb dh g riki trek..hihi*. bile smpai je teros g dfta den dpt bilek...err dorm act..sbb sy org 1st msk so sy leh pilih katil. misti la sy amek yg paleng best...dkat ngan pintu,almari n yg penting bukan paleng tepi~ ;) hoh0 pastu cikna n cik wawa meninggalkn sy disitu. sy p0n menyetelkn kmas2 brg sket2..tringat plak zaman mktb dlu...huhu ms ni ade s0rg akak nak d0k atas katil sy *katil d0uble deck..pes time dok katil gni*. den knal2 la..nme die munira..ok je nmpak. orite la kot..

d0rm kami...

kol 11 kteorg pon g la dewan sbb ade taklimat...den kne wat grup 9org..adeh dh la xknal sesape...sy ngan k.munira ni berdiri pusing kanan kiri je..pastu ade la geng ums ni 3 org, azizi,kavitha n grace. join deorg. oh lupe ade sorg dokte gg ni nme die huda*satu d0rm ni* join gak skali. pastu ade 2org laki, rais n razi plak msk...ms ni xckup org lg kn...den kami ajak sorg ni nme die jihan. so ckup la grup kami. ms lunch dlm grup so time ni bru berkenalan..n deorg sgt best la..bleh mrepek2 gak..k.munira ni yg ske kecohkn keadaan..huhu best2..dh selesa r gak ngan deorg..

ptg tu ade ceramah..time ni awl2 lg so leh la nk handle kemengantukan n keburimannye...ptgnye solat jemaah taw kt surau..pastu ade riadah...igtkn wat ape..upenye berkawad...heeh last skali sy berkawad zaman skolah dlu kot...time ni klaka..ade la plak yg mcm robot..hihi lepas tu kami diner same2 lg ikot grup td...den mandi n solat maghrib/isya jemaah. pastu kne g denga tazkirah kt dewan...tazkirah psal knegaraan ok~ mmg patrotik abes la..hhuu

den blk bilek tuka bj skolah rendah tu utk sesi ceramah mlm...tp ceramah mlm ni ade lah dlm bent0k muvie upenye...deorg psal cite hati malaya 1957 pastu gelapkn dewan..dh mcm dlm cinema dh...sy n k.munira di blkg skali misti la td0 ngan nyenyaknye..kikikii

20hb nov 09 (jumaat)
awl gler mangun..kol 5pg kot...den golek sane sini..pastu dlm kol 5.15 cik huda kejot la kami sbb kne g surau kol 5.40 kne solat subuh jemaah...ngan ngantok2 ni g toilet g cuci muke ngan gosok gg...tgh dok sembang2 ngan k.munira tu tetbe dengan cik huda jerit...tu.....uuu..eee...aa...h0h?apekah...sy ngan k.munira terhendap2 la mnde la yg dijeritkn...tetbe ade katak melompat dr bwh sink...so ngan kami2 la melompat bersame katak itu...teros segar sumer..yg ngantok2 td...haha

pas setel solat subuh...kami kne g denga tazkirah kt dewan..so pegila ngan kaen2 smayang tu...pastu, blk bilek tuka bj sbb ade kawad..kiri...kanan...kiri...kanan...den g bekpes...lepas bekpes, sy ngan k.munira berlari2 la blk sbb kami xmandi lg pg td...bersiap2 pkai bj skolah den pg blk dewan utk denga ceramah...t.ari ni ade la plak sesi bergambo...xigt pon arini k amek gmbo..tp tudungku menten meriah ok..ajajajajaa

ptgnye ade plak fitness test...misti la sy xbrape nk fit..dh bape lame xberxcercise k0t..test2 sumer lepas kecuali yg holding breath...makk...semput la nyah..haha resultnye sy dpt rangr umo 30-34ta0n..bole?

21hb nov 09 (sabtu)
arini dh stat LDK...tetbe bru nk ade ice breaking...pelik gak...sbb kte0rg kn dh dpt grup...tp xpe..layankn je la...bwat bulatan besar...pastu pnggil g kt tgh...mnde2 gtu la...best la gak...den kumpul blk...upenye nk bg grup baru...deorg bc nme n grup pastu bg lagu tema grup tu pastu soh kami cari sniri ahli grup dgn meng-hummingkn muzik lg tu...adeh..xnk susah plak...sumer nk humming lagu seniri kn...dh la xknal...sumer kerut2 cari ahli grup...huhu mcm sy grup 6 dpt lagu jalur gemilang...semput2 dok hummingkn lg tu...

bile dh jmpe grup baru ni deorg soh msk la dlm bilek LDK..sumer ade 9 grup...so xdek lg la xtvt rmai2...memule basicla kn perkenalkn diri...2sesi tu amek ms..huhu mcm2 la tanye...grup bru ni ok la gak..sy dpt grup same ngan sorg dak grup lame iaitu razi a.k.a ustat...ustat rock ni..hehe byk ilmu kami dpt korek dt ustat ni...ade sorg grup ni razeef nme die...mmg pandai berckp la...berinformasi plak tu..die ni dlu pnerbit rncangan expose kt astro tu..mcm2 la die cite pngalamn die...s0rg lg laki mus..die ni lec kt usm..memule mcm ala2 pmalu la..tp senget gak je last2 tu..hee

yg pompuan ade aniza,haizum,syaf,izyan,laila,sholeha n aimi..deorg sumer ok la...pengalam maseng2 mmg tiptop...huhu sy je yg mcm kanak2 riang disini..heehe fasi kami ade 2org...tn zawawi n tuan zainal...deorg ni mcm lepak2 r..xdek la seryes sgt dlm LDK...so kami pon enjoy je la..

ptg ni kami berflying fox ala2 supermen..hehe ade pakcik2 n makcik ni pon dok jerit panggil makk lg..hehe klaka je...comel..seb baek sy pnah gak bwat..bedebar gak tp cm ok la...pastu kami jln2 tepi pntai amek2 gmbo...pntai2 area sini la yg kne tsunami taon 2003 kot...kalo xsilap...kal0 silap sile betulkn..cantek la pntai die..patotla org ske dtg berpicnic...


lepas berflying fox

mlmnye dlm LDK kami kne wat menyuarat bincang psal nk pilih tender..ade 3 tender yg nk wat kursus dlm syarikat so kami kne pilih...so kami dh terbahagi kpd 3 n kne bincang tender mne yg terbaek...bleh plak deorg soh sy jd pengerusi mesy kn...hahaah misti la xreti...nk formal2 kn..kalo stakat miting mcm ateam ke leh gak nk handle..hhee sumer nk ckp tender deorg yg terbaek la kn..gadoh itu ini..heh gelak2 tpnye..senget gler...pastu sy bru taw sy yg kne wat kuptusan...boleh x?haha apelg...mrepeekkkk spt biase...hoh00~

22hb nov 09 (ahad)
pagi2 ni ade wat poco2 n ciken dance..heh xabes2...comel tol bile pakcik2 n makcik2 berciken dance..blk nanti misti ajar anak2 ye..heee

den msk LDK blk...bincang psal politik...sejarah mesia la..blaaa.blaaaa....tetdo sket...huhu...mnde yg diteknkn adelah psal kontrak sosial...dh leh hafal kot mnde ni..huhu

ptgnye ala2 nk hujan so kami beriadah dlm dewan je...bkk vide0 aerobik 1msia kot..ade awal awwww...comel die mnari *haha..sempat oke* den wat lg ciken dance...ske tol deorg ni..huuhu

mlmnye kami kne wat persembahan ikot grup nyanyi lagu tema yg deorg dh bg aritu...grup sy xberlateh pon..smalam je bru setting2 sket2...malas la plak..nk nyanyi biase je..kami denga grup laen dh ade yg bwat sketsa pon..heeh mungkin sbbkn kami biase2 sbb tu kami mng~hahaha *padahal juri tu fasi kami* biasedkn? ;P pastu ade deorg tunjuk video2 sedeh2 utk membina jati diri kami..aceyhh...

23hb nov 09 (isnin)
airi ade test...hoh0..xbc pape pon..boleh x..deorg kate jwapan leh agak...hehee lepas bekpes ade deorg ala2 stadi grup la kunun kt bilek LDK...sbenanye mus terangkn blk je...atleast denga la mane tau mlekat sposen due..heeh

den lepas test kami kne bersiap2 utk g kembara. dpt air mineral ngan roti sorg satu...igtkn nk msk utan mane la..tp kami g kembara ikot bukit n air terjon kt2 ngan pantai tu..best la utk diambil gmbo..huhu

kembaraaa smbil mensnap gmbo~

lepas kami berkembara tu ade la sesi penutup jap..salam2...pastu mkn t.ari n ms utk pulangg!! hoh00 sy ngan k.munira tu gedik la nk ekot naek bas...s0 kami lepak kt epot jap...timekaseh sbb blanje i coffee bean ye datin munira*nanti dh kje i blnje u plak kay* xsangke leh baek gak r ngan die...dak2 kt btn sumer igt kiteorg dh lame knal..huhu sbb die pon xbape nk centre...ehehe maybe sbb dok korea lame sgt kot? ;) 8taon tu...huhu

pas lepak jap..die tggu mmbe die amek n sy tman die n tggu cik na amek sy kt epot...den kami pon berpisah...harap2 jmpe lg ye!

ha...panjang kn coretan sy di btn..hehee xsangke leh jd best gak..time kaeh kerane grupmate n LDK mate yg best! all the best to all of u!!


l0ts of laf~

**xnk membebel tp mcm pnjang jgak ke dak?haha cant help myself..sy mmg ske membebel~ V(~,*)

Monday, November 23, 2009

im bekk!!

yay!! btn dh abes..s0 sy leh smb0ng blk keje2 sy yg terbengkalai kt blog, facebo0k n yahoo..kih3~
sy xsangke btn sgt best...nanti sy cite panjang2 ok~ ni lepak penang sat..esk bru g kl den luse blk kampong halamanku! harap sabar mnunggu nex entry *biarkan daku prasan rmai yg ternanti2 disini..hiksss ;) *

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


burpppp~ bru pas mkn murtabak ok...sdappp~heeh mkn pastu td0..mmg la sgt baek utk kesehatan..huhu

lmbt plak tdo rini...sbbnye mlm ni bru tehegeh2 nk ngemas bj...ha lupe lak nk gtau..sy kne g kem btn yg mara wat tu kt penang...kem btn balik pulau dari 19-23 hb ni...s0 sy g awl sehari sbb nanti 19 tu kne dfta pagi..seb baek ade hambe Allah yg baek ati nk anta n amek sy n jd t0urist guide sy ms kt penang nanti..heee

act smalam bru g bli brg2 yg xckup lg nk bwk g penang...sy bli tuuttt....tuuttt ngan tuttt..hehe muj0r mekdin udah pulang..s0 sy mengheret die g kbmall..time kaseh krane sab0 mnunggu..s0 sy upah die mcflurry...ngeh3

mm..ni flite sy sat lg kol 8.50pg ke subang...pastu dr subang ke penang kol 11.50..n smpai kt sane misti la dh ade org tggu sy kann...jenggg2~kih3pastu sy g lepak umah die n esk die ant0 sy g kem tu...sape ye agak2??huhuu gedik je sbenanye...kazen sy la...hee die tgh wat master kt usm...s0 bile lg nk nyusahkn kan...bkn slalu... ;) heeee mekaseh che! nanti i blanje u char kue tiaw..hihi

sbenanyekan...sy sgt la malas nk pegi kem segale ni...lame dh xberxtvt...pastu tgk jadual yg die kasik tu pnoh ngan ceramah je...mindset dh kate b0san...so cane...rsnye rmai org2 tue yg pegi pon..sbb utk postgrad kn..huhu s0 tidak dpt la mench0ci mate yg berkurun dh berhabuk n brsarang anai2 ni...lgp0n kesian plak nk tinggal anak2 ayamku ini...erin plak mcm nk batok blk...aritu xbape nk sehat bedal eskrem la...kropok itu ini...smalam siap mkn mcflurry...haip..degilll~nk kne kutey ni...

aa td t.ari sy ikot din n ay0hpa kuar sbb nk g faks b0rg biodata tu kt pej mara...memule nk mintak ayahzan faks kt pej die..tp die mcm bz...die s0h dtg ptg...sbbkn malas sy pon g la carik kdai...faks la sniri...igt dlm skeping singget ke...2 singget ke...ade dlm 5keping...s0 ok la jgak kn...pastu pg la cc ni...lame la gak nk tggu die faks tu...bdk tu dh ckp..charge by minute..sminit rm3...s0 sy igt lg murah la kn...bile nk bayo..die ckp rm9.40...err mmg gtu ke rege faks?sy ttp rs mahal..baek email kt die je kan..huh..nk bli mesin faks la cenggini..*tetbe*

pas setel kje sy..sy ik0t je la mekdin nk setelkn kje2 die plak..die pon tgh urus psal pnjaman2 mara ni..den kne g pesuruhjaya sumpah la...lhdn..tetbe daku memb0nt0tinya*pekataan mcm kurang sesuai..xpe..k0rg paam kn* dgn redha dh ghupe gf die dh..haha xpe sbb nanti mmg kne bwatkn s0 better g tgk dlu procedure...so xdek la ngange ngat nanti...

ptgnye plak g bli kueh dgn byk skali s0 mlm td xmsk pon diner...tu yg sy mkn murtabak td..habeskn sisa2 yg tnggal sbb awl2 td sgt kenyang smpai nk teguling2...huhu uih dh lmbt upenyee...utk mengelakkan pilot tinggal sy esk...mungkin sy perlu td0 skang ok...

PENANGGG!!! HERE I C0ME! *jerit xbrape nk excited..huuu*
yg part excitednye kt kl nanti..nak jmpe org2 yg sy syg...hikkss yg tu blk nanti sy crite kay ;D

l0ts of laf~

*bru pas bc site2 org yg dh g kem btn kt situ...upenye kem tu dkat tmpt yg jd tsunami dlu..huhu doakan sy ye kwn2...slamat pegi n blk n smoge kem ni best mcm review2 yg mereka beri...aminn..*p0sitipppp...sile positipppp*

Saturday, November 14, 2009

buntu suda~

ph0to credit to Neener1

assalamualaikum!pagiii...awal sy mang0n arini walopon berc0ti*ehem2*. siap kejot nbila bang0n solat lg taw...smalam sy td0 agak awl lepas pnat bertungkus lumus mencarik universiti yg sudi trime sy..isk2~ (T.T)

2,3 arini sy d0k mnunggu email feedback dr unisa or cynthia psal rayuan sy utk msk uni tu...n ptg smalam dpt la replynye:

"Unfortunately, Jane said that they can't accept your IELTS score, but they can grant you a scholarship to take their English Program in UniSA for 10 weeks, but you will need to ask your sponsor is they are willing to pay for your living expenses in Adelaide for an additional of 10 weeks?

As Jane mentioned also that the English program starts in 16th Nov, 2009 and finish in 5th February, 2010, you would not be able to make it. The next intake for the 10 weeks English would be 4th Jan 2010 and finish 12th Mar 2010, but the timing will not be right for you to join the February 2010 intake because you will late already.

Therefore, Jane suggested that you take the 10 weeks English in 27th Apr 2010 and finish in 2nd July 2010, then you can join the July 2010 intake for your Master program.

kal0 mls bc xpe...ksimpulannye deorg xdpt bg sy msk ngan result ielts ni...berserabuts kejap...sy malas nk amek lg skali ielts tu..sgt malas...s0 sy perlu carik alternatif laen: carik uni yg ade intake jan/feb yg nk trime sy ngan result ini...kal0 end of this m0nth xdpt lg, bru la sy akan repeat the ietls paper..pfffhhh~

pastu sedang d0k tgk2 list ym..sy p0n g buzz gare..nk tanye die psal uni2 ni kn..sbb die bru dpt biasiswa ag0ng*bangge jap sbb knal die..hikk* den sdang nk smb0ng phd jgak...die ini mmg sgt genius ok...maen sane..meting sini,,result menten 4flat...*terngange kekaguman kn...ye sy pon*. pastu die suggest beberape uni yg ade intake jan/feb...byk rupenye...sy je xjmpe..mekaseh gare!!jasamu dikenang! =) die p0n sroh sy try wat deferred entry utk uni2 ug sy pnah mntak dlu yg sept intake mntak tuka ke jan/frb intake...s0 sy g la mengkorek blk email lame2 dr uni kt uk yg sy pnah dpt tu...email blk deorg. so skang tggu jwapan.

sy p0n g la apply ke uni2 yg gare ckp tu..ni antare uni2 yg sy bru apply: uni of glasgow,uni of liverpool,uni of aberdeen n uni of glamorgan. d0akan sy berjaya...mntak2 ade yg dpt trime application sy ni ye...k0rangg...amek la sy blaja ye...sy janji blaja sungguh2!!! (~,*) heeee

l0ts of laf~

Friday, November 13, 2009


hmm..xngant0k...tp kal0 sy ketak kpale ni lelap je k0t..tp xpe lah...smbil2 tggu k0t2 org di utan sane nk k0l sy ke..huhu~

erin d0k tdo sbelah sy ni...td sy tgk2 nabila dh xdek kt dlm bilek...pastu sy kuar r carik..risau gak..den tgk2 die g td0 dpn tibi...

umm..cmni..td die on airc0nd..sy marah la soh die tutup sbb erin batok..takot lg terok...act kipas mmg dh bkk p0n..s0 bkn la panas gler...mcm la tgh summer ke kan...dh la skang musim ujan k0t..pastu tr0s mrajok tdo kt lua...hell0..kt lua pon awk psang kipas kot..s0 ape motif? tunjuk prasaan?mm..mungkin...

xtaw la nape...die mcm xleh trime kal0 sy lebihkn erin...kal0 pape..misti die ckp asek2 erin je...asek2 erin...mm wajib la kn..misti la kte mnangkn yg lg kecik..kang kal0 mengamok haru jdnye...ke sy salah? kal0 2-2 org tu same besar leh la judge the situation dgn adil...ni kal0 die brebut sumting ngan erin..ofkos sy akan mnang kn erin...die kecik lg kot...lgp0n nabila ngan erin beza 6ta0n tu...as if she cant accept that everyb0dy will be on erin's side...bkn nye nak berat sbelah...tp die KECIK LG OK?

what can i do to make her understand...hari2 p0n slalu marah je...smpai sy jd asek geram taw...kekdg sy tgk die pon mcm geram sgt...jahat sgt ke sy kal0 sy wat gtu??bukan ape...sy x pilih kasih...sy just nak die paam yg die dh besar n xperlu nak berebut2 ngan erin tu..b0leh x mengalah sket...plisss? k l0ng dh bli mcm2 kn...igt leh rasuah..tp tgk2 same je...mnde ni wat sy terpk mcm mane nk handle anak2 nanti..haish

kekdg bile mud die ok...xpe je..gurau2 sane sini lg nmpak...ms ni sy rs sgtlah tenang ok...cume bile mud die xok n brebut mnde..aduhai..botak k l0ng lelame taw...e.g: laptop...sy siap wat jadual penggunaan tenet tu..brebut jgak..erin kate nbila maen lame..nbila kate erin maen lame...s0 camano..

tp maybe bkn salah die p0n..die dh rs mcm die b0ngsu...tup tap tetbe dpt adek...tp kal0 ikot dh 6 ta0n..she sh0uld get used to it...kami bkn xsayang kamu wahai nabila...jgn asek igt org xmenangkn awk tu, org xsayang awk...just malas nk denga erin nanges mrengek2 kn...mmg yg besar pat0t mengalah...except yg sulung...sumer kne denga ckp kak l0ng kay? hikkk~

mungkin mnde ni biase je..budak2 kn..gad0w..kawan...gad0w smule..kawan balek..sy je k0t sebok2 beriye..haha mungkin jgak faktor berbl0gging tgh mlm..lg byk repekannye...s0 i tink i better st0p here...heeehe

ha tgk...d0k baek cenggini kn bag0s..sejuk je nmpak... =)

l0ts of laf~

*tetbe rs nk g td0..encik dear mcm dh tdo je..huhuuu..gudnite!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


hi..sy cik nurse~hihi *cpat sehat patient2 sy kalo gni*

sy jd nurse jap mlm ni..jage kanak2 bat0k+shesheme..td dh ngant0k gler dh..terlelap jap dlm bilek time tman erin td0...den kuar nk tuka kaftan *pyjama peberet*. tetbe terbau ikan..mcm hangit sket2..s0 sy pegila mengecek dapo jap...tgk2 cikm0h tgh rebus ikan...die tetd0 kot..ikan terbaka panggil b0mbe...b0mbe dtg berlumbe2...neen0oooneeno00...

b4 mneruskan keje jd nurse ni g la abeskn bubur mcd yg bli time blk dr klinik td...g klinik hydar & kamal lg...tp ni d0kter laen..xdek dr kamal...s0 xleh la nk sembang2 psal senior sy itu...kih3 gedik~

skang sy xtd0 lg..tp sy ade teman bersembang..hihi s0 xdek la b0san sgt kan..tringat zaman2 kgemilangan time l.i dlu..gay0t smpai 5pg kot?pastu esk kje...seb baek dpt perf0rm...haha fyi sy l.i dlu ngan yaho0 n friendster *time ni la kan..skang xmaen da...hehe riak jap*. r.o tu slalu mcm nk lempang sy n teman l.i yg same je sengal, cik jannah...kte0rg asek maen tenet je..seb baek lulus l.i ku itu...

smpat berbl0gging dimlm hari...jarang ni...slalu time2 gni dh tengange2 ok...nk bg award kt diri seniri rs..heh ok entry mmbebel je...cite psal dak2 ni saket sket je padahal...

sm0ge cepat sehat wahai anak2 ayam!! *kiss2 pp kanan n kiri*

l0ts of laf~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

tak perlu kot

pagi! salammm sumer...adoi ngantok gler la mataku ini...nk terkluar bijik mate rs..smalam tdo kt kol 4.30 lebeh kot..mm watpe?nk taw x???haa....adelor! heeehe

image from KOSMO ON9

smalam pes time sy mangat tgk bola..reason? kazen2 sy yg mangat tu smpai g kl tgk kt stadium pastu kamp0ng halaman ku msk final..so tgk je laa..heh tgk smpai habes taw *ok last2 tu tdo dh sbenanye..bosannn hahaa*

mmg nmpak sgt ketereran n9 smalam...ngan si kembar tu asek kne usung kuar msk padang je...*clap2* ehem...zaquan single lg x? ;P...heee knape eh?adekah player2 klantan mmg attack deorg..huhu xtaw..sy dh mcm beralih arah la plak..tp smalam ape yg sy tgk, 2-2 pon mcm byk maen kasar je..tarik sane tarik sini...rembat sane rembat sini..dh xleh beza kot kaki ngan bola..tu xkire penyokong2 fanatik lg...aduhai..wat malu negeri je la...apsal yg emo sgt smpai nk kne bakar2 krusi tu...smpai baling2 mercun..xpsal2 cameraman*kalo xsilap sy* yg xbersalah tu kne mercon kn...pastu org nk wat side kick sebok jgak nak mnunjuk mercon sumer...perlu ke delay ms maen? korg wat ms match tu lg singkat taw dak..nk tggu mercon2 korg tu mletop lg...agaknye ms tggu mercon2 tu dh dlm stengah jam kot kalo cmpor sumer *hiperbola sket*...mungkin klantan leh gne ms tu utk sumbat gol..lg pekdah kan...sile lah berfikir wahai org2 kampongku...

sbb sgelintir korg ni bwatkn org tgk slek je kt fans2 klantan yg laen...rilek2 isap kok lu dh r...kalo de rezki, menang la...dh xdek rezki la tu...maybe len kali kot rezeki tu...kalo nk ikot player klantan dh maen ok jgak...tp sbb penyokong2 ini lah jd haru sumernye...

this is my own opinion...sy pon bkn reti maen bola pon..stakat men futsal kekdg...tu pon layak jd tiang gol je..hahaa jgn plak lpas ni abes bakor blogku ini...ohh tidakkk~ huhu...sy pon org klantan...tp sdikit malu ngan perlakuan2 extreme sgelintir penyokong tu...

hid0p 1MALAYSIA! *tetbe~*

l0ts of laf~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

i l00ve wakaf che yeh!

gmbo dicilop dari: nedlinatalisz

google image

google image jue~

byk kdai kt wakaf che yeh ni...dh la byk..murah...ohh sy suke!nak tdo kt sini je rs..hihii

sape2 yg dtg klantan sy wajibkan dtg ke sini hokeyh? xspecially yg suke bershopping sakan itu...kalo poket xbrape nk tebal pon still boleh bershopping ngan gumbira sbb MURAHH~ *promoter xbergaji jap*

mcm2 ade kt sini...brg2 umah, brg2 diri, pengisi perot2 malah binatang2 peliharaan juge...fyi wakaf che yeh ni hari2 bkk...n kalo nk lebeh meriah, pegi kamis mlm jumaat...lg maha hebat kdai2nye...lg byk kdai, lg byk brg jual sumer berl0mbe2 nk bg murah...waaah..*ok agak hiperbola sbb sy jg gile kalo g sini..heee*

act pagi smalam la sy pegi sini ngan cikmoh+ayoh pa ngan anak2 ayam..smpai2 tu parking singget pastu pegi la pasar itu *kalo pagi panggil pasar tani...byk jual laok,kueh,mkanan..tp still ade bj ngan tudung sumer tu*

sy jln ngan anak2 ayam sbb dak2 ni nk jln2*padahalllll~ ;P* so kami pon bergerak dr 1 kdai ke kdai yg laen...yg pg ni xdek la besa ngan kot sbb sy abes je tawaf sumer kdai..hihi lepas abes tawaf kdai, kiteorg msk 1pet shop ni..erin nk tgk bnatang2 jap..pastu kami smbong bejln lg...den terserempak ngan cik moh..bli2 mkanan sket...pastu pulanggg! eh lupe, b4 pulang g salem aziz nk bli kaen utk match ngan kaen songket yg baba bg kt sy ritu...cikm0h+anak ayam g pasaraya ceria bli brg dapo*bli lg?hahaha..* tetbe ujan tron dgn sgt lebat b4 kami smpat ke kreta..apolagi...abes la melecun...eh slah...abes melencun la kali sume...grrrr....rrrr...ketaq lutot sejokkkk~tp xpe, gumbira sbb dpt hasil..heee

hasil sy: shawl-1,tudung siti-1,picisan2 laen
hasil nabila:tudung ikan bawal-1,shawl-1 *gedik jgakk..haha*
hasil erin: mknan mrepak...fuh berjaye pujok die xbeli mainan yg mrepek2 tu...

ha...xbanyakk sgt kan...kannnn...n sumer tu RM50+ je...waah~ sy suker!!!! *ok..dh byk kali sgt kot ckp...enuf2 hihi*

l0ts of laff~

Friday, November 6, 2009

lahirnya sebutir permata..kih2~

smalam ujan je...ujan..ujann...boshan..pastu ptg tu ay0h pa ngan cik moh nk g umah kwn die kt pc...s0 sy ngan adek2 soh la deorg drop kami kt umah umi ma..sj jejln smbil menyecan result ielts n yg berkenaan utk sent ke unisa kot2 deorg leh trime ke..mne taw...tlg doakan!! ;)

smpai2 tu ade mekju,mekja ngan anak2 k ayu je...umi ma kuar g tgk kete die kt bengkel...sy pon tros ke bilek anak2 bujang yg berbolops itu tanpa malu mlepak smbil menyecan dan men tenet..hehe seb baek deorg x charge..hoh0

dlm kol 6 umi ma blk n bwk blk goreng pisang ngan kropok..hehee ujan kan..lapo je la kjenye...lepak2 jap den ayoh pa dtg blk kol 7 lebeh nk jempot kteorg...pastu kamip0n pulangg~

smpai umah tros kalot2 nk solat sbb dh nk isyak kan...tgh2 sy solat ngan khusyuk dan tawadduk itu..aceh...hihi tetbe nbila menjerit panggil mneku dr toilet..hadoi..pemende la..sy mcm dh agak sumting..hihi sbb sy solat die pon panggil cikmoh..den lepas setel berdoa+berzikir...hihi sy g la kt toilet *die tgh nk mandi time ni* ..jenggg!!!jengg...apekah~ hahahaahahaha

welkam t0 the club! :P

l0ts of laf~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mcm mane eh

smalam kami p picnic!heehe...maen air je sbenanye...pas s0lat asar tu kami p0n bergeraklah menuju Taman Tengku Anis kt2 ngan area pc tu..beriye bwk mcm2..biskot la, cikedis la...air..pastu kt sane bli kopok, g0reng pisang ngan sate ikan lg *asek mkn sate ikan je dok kt sini sbb kt tmpt laen susah nk dpt*

tp bile dh msk air..lupe diri la deorg ni..sy xmandi pon..jd lifesaver je kunun2..hee nk msk sini baya rm2 je sejam..tp kalo msk utk jg xyah baya p0n...jom tgk gmbo dak2 ni maen air k~

b4 mandi g layan bau taik ruse dlu....haha

nk jugak gmbo..soh nbila amek dr dlm kolam...seb baek xjatuh phone *kalo la TER jatuh pon xpe kot..mne taw nk dpt yg bru..hihi brangan2*

kte0rg msk yg sesi kol 6ptg..s0 kol 7 siren berbunyik n air pon tutup...tuka2 bj pastu pulangg~

mlm plak kami p diner kt kedai dpn taman sari tu...sumer nk mkn murtabak je...tp lazat tol murtabaknye...kuah die je rs mcm air sirap sket...huhu bile prot dh kenyang..suke hati..blk ter0s pengsan...encik dear kol smalam nk bncang psal sedikit problem sy psal nk smb0ng stadi tu..tp sy asek ckp mrepek je...huhu..s0wry..xseda diri sgt...

l0ts of laf~

sedikit problem sy psal nk smb0ng stadi~

before kuar g picnic tu cyntia *agent yg urus2 psal sy nk smbong blaja kt aussie* call..

cyntia: hai..nur raihan kan..
sy: ye saye..
cyntia: ni aritu ade org dr uni of western ckp u punye ielts ni xckup..
sy: hoh?
cyntia: overall u dpt 6.5 kan?tp yg individu punye u ade x dpt below 6?
sy: aah...mm ade kot..writting kalo xsilap..
cyntia: ha..tu la..deorg ckp u kne ambil ielts lg skali..ataupun u nk pergi kursus english kt sana..5minggu den amek xm lg..
sy: what the fish?? *dlm ati je*..ha?kenapa pulak?kn deorg dh offer tmpt semua...
cyntia: tu die punya syarat..deorg bru contact sy td..
sy: pastu mcm mane?
cyntia: sy suggest kamu amek ielts lg skali kt sini la..sbb kalo kt sana lg mahal..fees utk kelas lg..
sy: nanti la sy bncang ngan family dlu *padahal umi ngan baba kt mekah ni..so bncang ngan diri sendiri dgn bantuan encik dear*
cyntia: ok..nanti sy cube tanye mereka blk..nanti i call u bek..
sy: orite.

aduh..nyampehh...xkn la nk kne amek blk ielts sbbkn writting tu xlepas..o.5 je pon...olooh xleh kawtim ke? *sdang cube mencari s0lution..any idea kwn2?*. perlu ke tuka u? hmmm~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

mate baru!


smalam sy heret cik moh ngan ayoh pa berderat kt kbmall..hehe...last2 xjd ngat berderat...dak2 ni sebok bli mkanan je kt pacific tu kn...sy rs yg kt umah tu xabes lg pon...haish bdk2 ni...*padahal diri sniri pon gatal tarik itu ini... ;P*

pastu lg skali kteorg heret deorg lunch kt a&w...keh3...layankn je la anak2 sedare yg gerdiks ini...den bile prot dh kenyang...jln2 la jap b4 pulang...dan sy dpt ini!!!

cantek kn...hehe ofkos la ni bkn mate sy...nk tunj0k kaler lens je.. ;)

yay! mate baru...heeehe...gedik kan...mmg pon...sy bli fresh look kaler H0NEY...bile try smalam dh nmpak mcm rimau pon ade...hahaa...xpela jd rimau jap 3bulan..hihi

lots of laf~

Saturday, October 31, 2009

sila amek iktibar~


igt lg cite ni x?ha...bkn nk cite psal cite ni...tp nk story*mcm byk plak pekataan cite dlm 1ayat...so tuka skit* psal ptg td..heh

arini kan ari sabtu...n sumer org taw kan arini ade cite hindustan kt tv3 time kol 2 kan...memule sy dok kt dapo...prepare2 meja utk lunch dak2 ni...cik moh ngan ayoh pa tgh besiap nk g kenduri ade org blkg umah ni nk g mekah...pastu sy kuar la kedpn jap nk panggil nabila...den terberdiri je dpn tibi disebabkn cite industan tu dok tgh nyanyi2...eh..eh tetbe tergoyang...xdek la goyang je, menari sket la...pusing2 tangan..wat2 trencat sket...pastu sy pusing la blkg memule konon2 nk wat mcm menari smbil k0nonnye nk panggil nabila kan...skali pusing...chinnggg! ade sorg makcik ni...alamak...MALU! sape plak ni...tp die mcm xpandang p0n ke arah tibi..ahh...wat la kononnye die xnmpak mnde sy wat td...tp mungkin jugak die xnmpak kannn...pastu teros jela g salam ngan die den blah keblkg smbil jerit2 nme nabila...kaver2~ puhhh...

aduhai..hampess...seb baek sy bkn jenis blushing2...hahaa...siot toll..cane leh xprasan ade makcik tu...ms pg tu mcm dh taw ade org..tp igt nabila...aduhai..mntak2 makcik tu xdek anak terune *xpasal2 je..gatal...hahaha notty2 sket ye ;)*

moral of the story...check line bg clear dlu sblm wat aksi2 trenchat~

eh lupe...makcik td tu sbenanye kwn cik m0h..deorg nk g kenduri skali...pastu leh plak pas abes kenduri die dtg blk...time ni sy tuka suar n g salam *bajet die xkenal* hewheww

l0ts of laf~

surga kueh!


arini...sy mang0n awl...erin ngan nabila p0n mangon awl...weird kan??hee...kte0rg g pas0r cik jah...g bli bekpes ngan cik moh ngan ayoh pa...memule liat jgak si erin tu...xnk bkk mate..siap s0h kteorg tnggal je die kt umah sorg2...pastu stelah dipujuk rayu dan digode2..die pon mengalah n ikot kteorg...

bile dh smpai..mateku berpinar-pinar~~~~ (*.*) Waah...manyaknye kueh!! tolong2..saye jakun!huhu...mcm nk bli sumer je...fuhh...sabaq2..c0ntrol ur hormon rehan~ sy jakon sbb lame kot xtgk surga kueh begini...weehoopp!! den, i end up bli nasik tupe' *cmni kot eja*, kuih gomok, kueh badak n tapai ubi *nk g0reng nanti ni*...erin bli nasik lemak,kuih ambon, nabila beli nasik kerabu ngan karipap...ooh...nafsu sy still juara..huhu

kuih amb0n *rupe die ala2 apam gtu...*

kueh tepung gomok *wat dr kelape kot*

kueh badak *ala2 keria...tp dlm die bukan ubi...nanti sy kaji bhn die ye*

ooh..ini nasik tupe' *tumpang sebutan kelantan* sgt sesuai utk org xdek gg mahup0n yg malas mengunyah...heeh nasik lembik pastu ade sambal ikan ngan gulai udang...RM 1.50 sy bli td...waah murah2~

kueh muehsss~

burpp...sy bru pas mkn ni..nk g smb0ng mkn kueh plak...heee misi mencari 7kg sy bakal berjaye la kal0 cenggini...whoaa i l0oikee! sayang negeri tumpah darahku!

lots of laf~

*name kueh-mueh tu sile abaikan sbb tu menurut kamus sy seniri...hehe
**gamb0 credit to google..sy gile kjap..lupe nk amek gmb0.. (*,*)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

ShawlistiK GiveawaY

aritu dh tgk contest ni act..tp xterase p0n nk msk...pastu tgk bl0g izue td..die msk...s0 nk tiru izue lah...hihi sj mencube naseb...ni gmba sy ngan apis time g tip of borneo kt kudat...

kretip ke?hahaha...mmg xberseni lgs0ng sy ni..hihi...xpe la...kal0 shawlistik rs kretip...sy xdek sbarang bantahan p0n *cube memancing...hihii*
ok sy dah berangan dpt shawl baru...lame xbli shawl~ ihikk ;)

ni checklist kan:

1st : Be our follower or our facebook's friend (shawlistik@gmail.com) [sudah]
2nd : Copy our banner and paste it on your blog and link it to our blog [sudah]
3rd : To make this contest more fun, capture a very creative photo of yourself and dedicate it to shawlistik. for blogger, make an entry and post the photo at your blog and email us ur link. and for the facebook user, just tagged us. :) [sudah]
4th: Email us if you already done with the 1st step to the 3rd step [sudah]
5th : Just wait and we will pick our lucky winner based on the most creative photo. [baeklah!]

l0ts of laf~ ;D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


time ni smalam..sy dan kaum krabat serta para ahli kuarge dok kt lapangan terbang pengkalan chepa...nak anta umi+baba g kl...flite deorg kol 4.30ptg...lepas cek in sumer...dok lepak2 sembang jap b4 deorg msk ke tmpt departure tu...

smalam ayah zan+cik ma dan anak2...umi ma+papa+mekju+mekja+abelis...ayoh pa+cik moh...mek ana *ni kakak baba* ngan family anak sulung die dtg epot nk anta umi+baba...sbb xleh anta time kt kl kan...so deorg dtg je la anta kt pc ni...time kt epot ni mendong gak kejap...kdg2 leh tahan ujan..kdg2 x...huhu

dlm kol 4 tu umi+baba kne msk dlm dah...dkat ngan pntu nk msk ke dlm tu salam2 ngan sumer...sumer org pon ujan...last skali bru salam ngan anak2...sy mmg dr td lg ujan serta ribut petir..huuhu

baba salam nabila..pel0k ngan ciom...pastu pel0k erin..salam ciom jgak...den sy pelok ngan salam baba..teresak2 gler..ms pelok baba tu sy gtau die.. "baba..k long mntak ampun, maaf.. jgn tinggal umi ye nanti..pegang die kuat2..huu saba je kt sana". mm sejak dh besar ni first time kot sy pelok baba..huu

den umi same jgak..pelok,salam ciom nabila ngan erin...lame die pelok erin..mcm xnak lepas..anak bongsu kan..kecik plak tu..huu den ms sy pon same...sy salam..ciom n pelok..n gtau "k long mntak maaf sumer...halalkn sumer...halalkan susu...pegang je baba kuat2..jgn tinggal die jugak...saba byk kt sane ye..". ok dh teresak xleh handle ni... (T.T)

den deorg msk...2-2 xpusing dh..huu~ takot teringat kan nanti...pastu kiteorg g kt kfc kt atas epot tu nk tgk deorg depart...kte0rg lucky sbb flite deorg yg paling tepi..so dpt tgk deorg jln msk dln flite...b4 tu dh tepon baba soh deorg tgk kami dok kt kfc tu...umi ngan baba lambai2...huhu smpai kt dlm flite pon deorg dok lambai lg..nmpak tu..ni mekju yg memule nmpak...sgt cerah matemu..huhu sbb deorg dok tepi tingkap kan...lepas lmbai2 sumer...kapa terbang pon nk terebang dh~ *mmg la kn..ok sengal sket* pastu kamipon pulangg~

sy n adek2 blk ngan ayoh pa...on da way blk tu kami singgah pantai timur kt pc jap...waah membangun tol pc..bukan mcm ms sy skolah kt maktab dlu...den bli kaler luna utk erin n mkanan2 sket...den pulang ke rumah~

l0ts of laf~

umi+baba..kami doakan pergi dan pulang dgn selamat.. sayang umi+baba..dari k l0ng,apih,yana,nabila,erin.

first day

td bru pas ckp tepon ngan umi...die kt umah abel0ng..pasni die nk kuar ngan k.da g bli sweater..die ckp td lelah kurg dh..tp nk demam sket..maybe pas cucuk vaksin H1N1 tu kot...cucuk msk virus kn...umi! cpat sembuh kay~

memule bg erin ckp..sbb td bg die tgk google map..mekah ngan msia...pastu die kate nk tgk umi kt sini*kt google earth* bleh x? nk ckp ngan die...tu yg sy tepon umi.

erin: umi pegi mane?
umi: umi dok kuala lumpur ni..
erin: umi beli mainan kt adik ye..
umi: i.Allah~


den sy ckp ngan umi td...update sket..den ok la..ckp mcm biase...mlm ni umi+baba kne kumpol kt kelana jaya kol 9..pas maghrib kot abel0ng dtg...nanti ade la kazen2 sy g jmpe deorg kt sane...anak2 xdpt anta p0n xpe la..anak sedare gnti kay? =)

pagi td pes day bermule idop sy sbg penjaga anak2 ayam..huhu awl kay bgn..lame xbgn solat subuh sendiri..kalo kt umah, pas kne kejot bru nk mangun..huhu pas solat, g kejot nabila jap...pastu on9...den bile erin mangun g la wat bekpes...kemas2 dapo sket...sket je..umah org kan xreti..sy pon bkn rajen mane pon..hhiihi..tp cik moh ckp dh..wat je mcm umah seniri...mmg dh wat pon..heee tengss cik moh!

ok~ later na...l0ts of laf~

Monday, October 26, 2009


sy tanye erin td "adek...knape adek xtdo ngan k l0ng smalam?". "umi ngan baba kan nak g mekah dah...tu la adek td0 ngan umi ngan baba". okay..sy nanges lg..huhu wat kali ke brape ntah...xboleh la sy...snang betol la empangan neh pecah... (T.T)

smalam time ckp tep0n ngan encik dear nanges jgak...sy rs sdeh+sebak+risau+mcm2 lg la...biase la..deorg xpenah g jaoh...

encik dear: knape awk sdeh ni...
sy: sy risau la *byk kali dh ckp sbenanye..huuu*
encik dear: awk nk risau ape?
sy: umi baba nk g mekah kan.. *titisan2 nk jatuh dh*
encik dear: la..sdeh knape..deorg nk g wat mnde baek kan...patotnye awk gembire la..
sy: tau...tp sy risau
encik dear: i.allah..sumer slamat kay...kte doa byk2..
sy: ok...*den tetbe nages*
encik dear: laaa...ni knape pulaknye?
sy: sedeh...tringat deorg dok pesan mcm2 *ok..bantal dh basah kot*
encik dear: kne la pesan kan..mmg org nk g mekah diharuskn berpesan...i.allah xdek pape...byk2 doa kr deorg...
sy: ok~

sy mmg slalu sensitip sket...err byk kot kekdg kalo feeling2 ni...bile umi+baba dok pesan itu ini...kal0 jd ape2...umah sewa ade nk skolahkn adek2...ok...sy mmg la xtahan lg...sy hanya mampu berdoa...kwn2 bleh tlg aminkan x??

"Ya Allah...slamatkan lah perjalanan pegi dan balik umi dan baba sy menunaikan haji...kurniakanlah mereka haji yang mabrur...jaohkan la mereka dari malapekata dan penyakit yang tidak di ingini...berilah mereka kesehatan yang baik agar dapat menunaikan haji dengan sempurna...permudahkan lah segala urusan mereka...semoga mereka pulang nanti akan menjadi insan yang lebeh beriman kepada-Mu..aminn"

l0ts of laf~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ketidaksedapan badan~

slamat t/ari!!!

arini sy sehat..yeah!! eh..astagfirullahalazimmm...xbaek riak...huhu..syukur2 arini sy rs sehat sbb smalam keadaan sy adelah sedikit dasyat...huhu

pagi smalam time mangon tdo tu dh saket perot...xtaw la sbb pe..maybe mkn kenduri smalam kot...ntah...ade la cherry berry sket...tp ms ni leh handle lg...sbb xlalu, sy xbekpes la..b4 baba+umi kuar g bli brg, sy mntak tlg baba picitkn peros..huhu...keras semacam je...angen la kot...pastu dok baring2 je dlm bilek...pastu tetdo...bile mangun tu, bru teringat nk g jemor bj umi...den lepas perah2...time nk jemor tu tetbe rs mcm gelap jap...samar2 je pandangan mcm nk pengsan je...tros je sy msk umah blk n gebush ke atas katil...huih mmg xleh handle la..rs nk muntah pning saket perot saket pinggang sumer ade...so baring2 je la dlm bilek...

t.ari tu kwn umi smpai..xlarat nk kuar la cik ma...sorry ye..den die yg msk bilek tgk sy...huhu malu je..seb baek pkai shopan...kih2 pastu spanjang ptg tu mmg dok guling2 je dlm bilek...bdn rs sgt la xbest...bile die dh blk, ptg tu skali lg sy g mengendeng2 kt baba soh die urit blkg..hehe...tukang urut xberbayo...best la die tekan..sbb pndai carik urat kot..huhu

lepas baba ur0t tu...sy smb0ng plak kt krusi osim cik moh...hehe..dh ghupe org tue dah eden ni...huhu...tp badan still rs xsdap...huk2 (T.T)

mlm ni ayah zan*ni pakcik sy* die pnggil dinner kt umah die...b4 g umah die tu sy p la klinik haydar n kamal...ngecek itu ini...dokter kamal tu siap ketok2 pinggang sy lg...huhu...time kt umah ayah zan xmkn pon...mnom je sbb mmg xlalu...bile smpai umah sy mkn roti kosong den mkn obat pastu tros bum2....g titon....

n hari ni...alhamdulillah sy rs sehat!huhu...mekaseh kpd obat2 itu...ok sy nk g mandi utk rs yg lebeh sehat~ V(^,^)

buhbyeee...lots of laf~

Friday, October 23, 2009

doa selamat

di petang jumaat yg hening~

lepas s0lat jumaat td ade wat solat hajat+doa selamat utk umi+baba g mekah...dr pg lg dap0r dh riuh rendah...masak sniri kan...seb baek rmai sedare mare n jiran kt umah cik m0h ni menolong...so sy jd runner je la..hihi kuar g bli ais la....amek itu..ini...uih penyumbang yg agak besar tu.. ;P

pastu pas solat jumaat, org2 laki dh smpai...time ni la bru sy tehegeh2 nk mandi n besiap2...ye r td dh peluh2 wat kje kan...so bile dh siap den nk kuar dr bilek tu, tekej0t jap tgk org solat nk smpai ke dapo dh..tu p0n dapo pnoh ngan brg2 kan...ade la 2,3 belas org xdpt nk solat...rmai org dtg..alhamdulillah..amek berkat...

memule bajet org dtg solat dlm 3,4 puluh org je..skali yg dtg dkat 6,7 puluh kot...huhu kekalotan la jap...takot xck0p mkanan...huhu...tp last2 cukup je biase la...bile dh tgk rmai org tu bedebor...huhu...

ptg2 sket tu sedare2 baba bru smpai...so de0rg dtg mkn la...sbb deorg dok jaoh sket...den bile nk blk tu baba pel0k2 ngan adek bradek die...merah nmpak mate die..huu sy mmg xleh tgk org nanes2 ni...ter0s rs nk berair mate...sdeh...huhu

den bile dh abes kenduri sumer mlmnye sesi ngemas2 la pulak...

l0ts of laf~

nota ujong jari: entry ni sy tulis ari ahad act...tp wat backdate...hehe hari kjadian mmg xlarat gler la...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

kesayangan kami~


sy ngant0k jgak 2p0sen...lapa....d0wk surf tenet...mcm sip0t la plak...nk loading page tu aduhaii...becinte~

marilah berbl0gging utk menghilangkn sket rs bosangg it00o..hmm nk cite ape ek...ha sy xpnah cite lg kan psal kesayangan sy ms kt utm....nk denga x??nak la..nak la eh...heehe

ms tu dkat last2 sem1 taon 2...sy dok usya2 gak la...pastu rnilla *ni kwn sy....die gile sket...mampush kal0 die bc ni.. ;P* pon dok rec0mmend2...sy p0n mcm berminat la jgak...s0 mntak kbenaran baba...alhmdulillah...die sap0t... =)

s0..bermulalah kesah hidup sy ngan kesayangan sy pd bulan 1 2007 *tarikh xigt dah* yg mane cik amy *merangkap teman seslim0t* jgak dgn kesayangan die...kami gembira ke sana kemari bersama kesayangan maseng2...slalunye kami dieskot oleh cik skod ngan cik izulah...sgt gembira hidup kami waktu tu...rajen jgak la kami jage kesayangan kami...mereka p0n mcm baek je...xpenah wat perangai...

ni kesayangan sy...comel kan die~ ;D

bj kaler ijau tu cik amy bersame ksayangan die yg kaler itam~

best dlu mrempit...mlm2 bute ke...pagi2 ke...t.ari rembang ke...kami redah je...pat0tla kulit p0n maken gelap je pas dpt ksayangan ni...hee tp kami ttp tegar merempit kesane kemari...skutttt2...slalunye pegikut setia kami adelah cik izue dan cik sk0d...memule dlu sy mrempit area dlm utm je...pastu lame2 kuar sket...sket...isi minyak sendiri...pastu dh berjaye g jusc0...lame2 tmn u dh jd kawasan jajahan takluk...hehe

tp skang lame gler sy xbersame ksayangan sy...last skali b4 anta die blk klantan dr skudai tu la ms last sem...dh 5bulan lebeh kot...lesen L p0n dh mati *xsmpat wat P lg sbb kunun2 bz....jgn gtau sape2... ;D*

aritu time blk raye apih *adek laki sy p0m 4* gedik la nk jln2 naek ksayangan sy...kesane kemari....mane2 tah die r0und taman....tetbe dh blk tu park moto...kazen sy ni prasan la sumting.."apih jat0h moto ke?". ngan tersengeh2 die tunjuk break tgn sy yg die dh patahkan....cisss...hampehs...mmg la mnde tu dh bengkok *ni sebab sy pnah jatuh kt paking fke* tp xpatah la lg...dpt kt die kejap teros patah...nk kne cepok bdk ni...

tgh rindu nk rempit ni sbenanye...huhu

l0ts of laf~

p/s: act ni tulis smalam...tp xsmpat nk post...tgh attach gmb0...umi tgk cite mygirl...patu sy dh ngantok gler...g td0 n xsmpat post...heeee

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

on air xjd~

mood: mengant0k+lapa
ketinggian: 34000 ft
kedudukan: south china sea, menuju kuala lumpur dari kota kinabalu~

harlu...pes time sy berbl0gging dlm kapa tebang...sedikit jakun...hehe sj nak...err..smb0ng jap lg eh...nk makan jap...hehee...weehhoo taw2 je org tgh lapo..heee jemp0t2~
selepas beberapa ketika

burpppp...alhamdulillah...h0h0h0 skang mood dh bertuka gumbira+kenyang setelah makan nasik goreng ngan ayam msk merah...yay arini sy mkn abes taw..seiring ngan misi mencari 7kg sy...sy kne makan,makan,makan dan makan...btw lupe nk mention psal misi mencari 7kg kt sini kan...ok lets check it out

misi: mencari 7kg
punca: kehilangan berat badan
cara perlaksanaan: makan smpai pengsan...makan smpai kemb0ng dan makan smpai sekok per0t~
matlamat jangka pendek: berjaye mencari 7kg
matlamat jangka sederhana: memastikan 7kg xhilang
matlamat jangka panjang: mengekalkn berat ideal serta mengamalkn cara hidup yang sehat! yeaahhh

ok...selesai mrepek..jmpe lg di laen entry~

lots of laf~

p/s: sy sedang xdek keje~ V(*,~)
ok...sbenanya xkesampaian nk p0st kt atas td sbb tetbe ade stewardess benti "sorry,xleh bkk internet ye...nanti kac0 sistem flite". "ok2...xgne lgpon *sambil ter0s disconnect n xsmpat post entry*. hehe...padahal mmg xdek netw0rk p0n time tu...xpelah..lenkali nk cube lg... ;P

btw sy dh sampai kamp0ng halaman..j0m g mkn nasik dagang che m0h...nyum2!